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Friday, 27 May 2022
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     this sections is now for our members to post their screenshots. Make sure pictures are not bigger than 800 x 600 pixel and 96 dpi.

  • Eavilas Egg
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    Some Tusken Raider stole an egg from Eavila. It could have been mutated so it would have been a treat to all life on Tatooine. So we had to form up a Rescue Team to get the egg back. So we started with Vosko, Irneth, AntyG, Peiri and Clondacbar to search for the Tusken. Quick we found their shuttle camp and Lok and cleared it out and found a new hint where they should be. At a secret Tusken Lab West of Fort Tusken. So we headed to Tatooine and soon we found some outposts and the Secret Base. As we lost more and more members of the Rescue Team at the end only Irneth and Clondacbar stand for the final battle. But they were successful and were able to retrieve the egg. And luckely it was not mutated it was just a mountable cupa. I had some troubles with computer so I have only screenies from the last stage.
  • Imperial Attack on Aurilia
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    Here are some screenshots of the imperial attack on our city on Lok. Ill add more at the weekend. We had to fight a long time. We started in the morning GMT and at GMT night we were able to free the city.

    But we had a nice strike team: Irneth, Gorakka, Igerra, Khai Meka, AntyG, Nirab, Vorakus, Teag. I hope I didnt forget anyone, if so send me a mail plz.

  • The Rescue of Military
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    The mayor of our city Military Trader was kidnapped by Jabba the Hutt, cuz he refused to give Jabba control of our city. So we had to form up a rescue team, to get Military out of Jabbas hands before they are able to bring him to his palace.

    We found a basic camp with 3 little outpost camps near our city, there was also a shuttle, so we took over those camps, but all we found was a message of Military that he is brought to Mos Espa with a big transport ship. We traveled to Mos Espa but noone saw the transport ship, after investigations we found out, that a transport ship crashed recently somewhere south of Mos Espa in the mountains.

    After searching the mountains we found a crash site, which was already secured by Jabbas thugs and guards. We needed to look for hints where Military is and we found a notice of him, that Jabbas people bringing him to the palace with a stolen sandcrawler.

    Our only chance to see Military alive was to interupt the transport. Our rescue team started chasing the convoy and somewhere around Mos Vegas in a canyon we found the sandcrawler while they were making a break. We attacked the few guards, but suddenly got surprised by more thugs, guards and rancors comming out of the crawler, so it seemed we ran into a trap. But as we were all experienced fighter, we finally brought them down and we heard cries coming from a nearby house. So we investigated it and finally found Military Trader.

    It was a hard long journey but in the end we got our mayor back. The rescue team was: Irneth, Charlotte', I'kon, Gorakka and Swiscen.

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