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Tuesday, 23 July 2024
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Home arrow Gallery arrow Imperial Attack on Aurilia

Here are some screenshots of the imperial attack on our city on Lok. Ill add more at the weekend. We had to fight a long time. We started in the morning GMT and at GMT night we were able to free the city.

But we had a nice strike team: Irneth, Gorakka, Igerra, Khai Meka, AntyG, Nirab, Vorakus, Teag. I hope I didnt forget anyone, if so send me a mail plz.


Shuttle port cleared

Imperial army have invaded Aurilia

Irneth and AntyG killed a group of Darktroopers

Imperial Spaceship landing in Aurilia

Some SBD were involved too

Tusken on Lok??? Ok so we killed them

Foggy Battlefield

Striketeam fighting way through to guildhall

I dunno why a rancor was there, you have to ask G

Aurilia is free again!!!