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Thursday, 23 May 2024
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  • The Rescue of Military
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    The mayor of our city Military Trader was kidnapped by Jabba the Hutt, cuz he refused to give Jabba control of our city. So we had to form up a rescue team, to get Military out of Jabbas hands before they are able to bring him to his palace.

    We found a basic camp with 3 little outpost camps near our city, there was also a shuttle, so we took over those camps, but all we found was a message of Military that he is brought to Mos Espa with a big transport ship. We traveled to Mos Espa but noone saw the transport ship, after investigations we found out, that a transport ship crashed recently somewhere south of Mos Espa in the mountains.

    After searching the mountains we found a crash site, which was already secured by Jabbas thugs and guards. We needed to look for hints where Military is and we found a notice of him, that Jabbas people bringing him to the palace with a stolen sandcrawler.

    Our only chance to see Military alive was to interupt the transport. Our rescue team started chasing the convoy and somewhere around Mos Vegas in a canyon we found the sandcrawler while they were making a break. We attacked the few guards, but suddenly got surprised by more thugs, guards and rancors comming out of the crawler, so it seemed we ran into a trap. But as we were all experienced fighter, we finally brought them down and we heard cries coming from a nearby house. So we investigated it and finally found Military Trader.

    It was a hard long journey but in the end we got our mayor back. The rescue team was: Irneth, Charlotte', I'kon, Gorakka and Swiscen.

  • Guild Stuff
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Some pictures about the PvE Event to save Military Some pictures about the PvE Event to save Military
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